Yokohama TWS

Creating engaging training videos for staff across Europe to be uploaded to the e-learning platform

Services used

Project description

Spectra was commissioned by Yokohama TWS, a leading manufacturer of tires and wheels for off-road vehicles, to create engaging training videos for their staff across Europe. The videos were designed to be uploaded to the e-learning platform under the Trelleborg brand, a global partner of Yokohama TWS. Spectra’s team of professional videographers and editors went on site with the vehicles and filmed the vehicles for B-roll footage. They also filmed the presenter for the tutorial on site, using clear and concise instructions. The video was then edited to ensure the quality and consistency of the content. Spectra also included captions for other countries, using accurate and appropriate translations. To make the videos more captivating and immersive, Spectra used drone videography to capture stunning aerial shots of the vehicles and the terrain. The final result was a series of training videos that were informative, entertaining, and effective.

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