Other Business

Other Business Services.


Providing services to each and every business. in every sector and every size.

Helping out with the day-to-day menial tasks of running your own business. We have the expertise in every area to ensure your business operations are perfectly smooth and accurate.



Great quality photography is one of the best ways to establish trust in your brand. If your products look incredible, your customers are more likely to buy. We have in-house photographers that specialise in both life and product photography.


Using various accounting software to organise your invoices, expenses & VAT returns. Allowing you to focus on your day-to-day activities whilst keeping your books in check.

Digital Marketing

Credit Control.

Chasing invoices so you don’t have to, our team will follow up all invoices for you and deliver appropriate chasing documentation to ensure your companies cashflow is smooth.


Struggling with what to write on your social channels or website? Our copywriting team will deliver a perfect message on every platform to ensure your companies image is professional and concise.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography & Videography.

Using high-quality drones equipped with advanced cameras, Spectra Media’s team of skilled operators capture stunning aerial footage of landscapes, buildings, events, and more. The company’s services are ideal for real estate agents, construction firms, event planners, and anyone looking to add a unique perspective to their visual content.